About Us

Our goal at Wild West Beard Co. is to bring you the highest quality hand made and bottled beard care products at a great price. We were tired of seeing the same synthetic ingredients and finding the same chemical solvents in every product we tried and tested. So, we decided to change up the beard care game and bring to the table a product line with ingredients unlike the rest.

Our Oils, Butters, and Waxes are all 100% organic and purely plant based, all while being completely synthetic free. While we feed your beard with all of the nutrients it could ever ask for, we then top it off with our Essential Oil blend to promote new hair growth leaving you with the fullest and healthiest beard your face has ever experienced.

Finally, we don’t believe in flashy labels or half naked women to promote or sell our products. Our quality of products speak for themselves and we are sure you will be happy with them as well. Give us a try today for the best in beard health.